water safety and drowning prevention




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Be A Voice.

Advocate for water safety

Our culture is in desperate need for a shift in water safety and in order to achieve positive movement, we NEED your voice. 



MakING a Donation

Community donations directly impact our ability to serve more families and save lives. ALL donations are greatly appreciated and help our mission! 

We are always in need of USCG approved life jackets to stock life jacket loaner stations in our community. Please contact us to arrange a life jacket donation. 


What we do

Our Focus

education & awareness

Water safety brochures and posters
are provided upon request to schools,
businesses and physician offices.

survival swim scholarships

Scholarships are provided to families
who are unable to financially afford
swim lessons on their own.


cpr scholarships

Scholarships and classes are arranged
with local instructors to ensure
parents are equipped with life saving skills.

lifejacket loaner stations

This program loans USCG approved
lifejackets to boaters to use for the day.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

SWIM for CJ Inc. provides educational information to raise public awareness of water safety and drowning prevention, as well as offering scholarship opportunities to families who are unable to afford survival swim lessons and CPR classes. SWIM for CJ Inc. also pays honor to those who have suffered injuries or death as a result of drowning, and their families.

SWIM for CJ operates as a 501(c)3 non profit corporation. Community donations directly impact our ability to help more families and save lives.

Choosing A Swim Instructor

Choosing an instructor and lessons that are the best fit for your child and your needs is very important.